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Hi, I'm Courtney!

I'm a multi-passionate content creator who gets real jazzed when sharing all that I ​know and love about wellness lifestyle and travel. from little trips, self care, and ​spa days To plant-based living, feminine embodiment, and healing, I’ve got you.

i love helping people solve problems with products and services that helped me.

My background in professional publishing and decade of journalism experience ​informs my storytelling. with me, you get more than just authentic user-Generated ​content, intuitive copywriting. or content marketing. i help youR BRAND alchemize ​good feelings in an era of scrolling.

let me know how we can create beautiful stories together and spark conversation ​that converts and inspirEs!

Past Brand Partners


Laroche Posay, ​Vichy, Ole ​Henrikson

Tourism: ​Destination ​Nunavut, Explore ​Mag, Northern ​Ontario Travel

Home + style: ​BeautyRest, ​Neatly, Vivaia

Spas + luxury: New ​Age Spa, Doses of ​Roses

Food + dining: ​Barilla pasta, ​Five o’Clock ​Teas

Business: Ownr, ​Embodiment ​Unlimited

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Intro, Biz

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Wellness lifestyle, health

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Beauty, Self Care

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Eco, Home

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Food, Health

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♡ What I Do Best ♡

Social Media, UGC + ​Whitelisting

I enjoy taking my followers through ​the drab and dreamy bits of my life by ​sharing thoughts and experiences ​through Instagram reels, product and ​UGC photography, and creating ads ​designed just for you.

Serum Bottle, Cosmetic Tubes and Container on White Fabric

Product Endorsem​ent

I work with brands whose values and ​missions align with my own and ​whose products have delighted or ​made a difference in my life. You can ​expect thorough, specific, empathy-​woven copy that dazzl​es.

Person Writing on White Paper

Blogging + ​Content Ma​rketing Writing

With nearly ten years of news ​publishing experience under my belt ​for some big names like Huff Post, Pop ​Sugar, Atlas Obscura and more, ​stories are my passion. Whether you ​need SEO content, affiliate bl​ogs, advertorials or listicles, I got ​you.

My​ services

✓ Seven-day turnaround

✓ content + ad bundles starting ​at $200​

✓ ask for my rate card to see​ current sweet deals​

✓ usage rights negotiable​ (including perpetual)​

✓A/B tester packages​

✓ whitelisting/sponsored​

✓ ugc photos (iPHONE)​

✓ product photos (DSLR)​

✓ final edited reels

✓ raw footage

✓ scripts, hooks, CTA

✓ web copy in many forms

✓ seo optimized blog posts

✓ sales landing pages

✓ sales funnel strategy

✓ ad + content story ideas

✓ technical writing

✓ instructional design + course ​content writing

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Wait up, hold the phone.

❁ what even is UGC? Is THAT LIKE... ​AN INFLUENCER?

Almost! It is a little different though. ​User generated content (UGC) is ​original, brand-specific content ​created by users and published on ​social media but not necessarily on the ​creator’s page. It has an authentic feel ​but is created for brands with the ​intention of resonating with their ​audience.

Unlike influencer content, you don’t ​need a large following since the ​content is likely to be shared primarily ​on the brand’s own social channels. ​UGC serves as social proof. It also ​fosters engagement since it feels more ​genuine than a corporate brand’s own ​ads. It allows the audience to connect ​more deeply since it feels more like ​them.​

❁ how is ugc different from ​affiliate marketing? and what is ​whitelisting?

UGC is distinct from affiliate marketing ​in many ways. The creator is paid upon ​submitting the work to the brand to run ​and the pay is not dependent upon ​conversion or click-through rate. UGC ​doesn’t require tracking links or discount ​codes because any results from the ad ​or content go directly to the business.

As for whitelisting, this is when a brand​ has the creator post the content on their​ own social media account. This gives an​ even more authentic vibe to the ad​ since it is not always obvious that it’s​ paid for.​

This is essentially a sponsored content​ post. On Tiktok this is called a spark ad. ​


I can help you narrow down which package is ​right for you on our discovery call or in our ​email exchange. We can also customize a ​package that is designed specifically for your ​unique business needs.

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